New Year’s Resolutions by The Unhinged Titan

This post is to tell about refreshing my 2017 inbox and software on 2017 before December 2018 because well, let’s face it the old way doesn’t work because 2018 is the destination not the journey. As  a traveler across Europe and China, sure I couldn’t prepare for the destination if I never have been but I realize that half the journey was preparing as best I could so I could hit the ground running and that’s what I wanted to do. I often try to speak the language before even going and watch videos so I feel like I am there before even leaving my bedroom.


So that’s where I decide to do my New Year’s Resolution in November before Thanksgiving so that I can beta test my changes in December 2018. So during the next couple posts, I’ll share my journey through trashing my binders of collected lists, and book notes, and project calendars, and maps, bank notes, and more. So for the one week plan, let’s begin with Sunday. On Sunday I fished out a master binder from my stack of binders that I sloppily organized throughout the year and pulled out a lot of rubbish such as blank forms and notes that were transferred and started highlighting a lot of things. I highlight because it tells me the page has been scanned.

I’ll add the book, “The First 20 Hours to my Audible Cart” and move on to explaining my plan for the next of the week.

I’ll be looking for key themes and connections throughout my project books, (downloadable on the Website) In all, I like to capture who I am by analyzing rigid boundaries of my ego and habits, and then completely transform into a better version of myself for 2018. How I plan to transform myself is by making a list of the traits, people I associate with, and projects I am working on that I link myself to. For instance, I write down all the connections I make each week, and write down all the things I learn when doing a mini independent study on fears of mine saved in Trello.

Now, after I get all the quantifiable key progress indicators through my bank notes and number of people met, I’ll sift through them and look at my habits that might seem bad, such as drinking coffee. Yes, it was bad in August when the first $2 to leave my pocket was at a Starbucks before 9AM, now I carry around instant coffee and only spend about $6 every two weeks. Nonetheless, I tend to consider anything I rely on a thing to worry about in the future because if I can’t drink coffee for a week, how upset would I become. So I do a stress test on my habits.  Those are not working out, drinking coffee, upping my water intake, and meeting different people, and discarding or selling valuable items such as my Nikon Camera, books, my past art, and anything that has not been made into a way of income.

Not everything can be put into the category of the here and now, and what I mean by that is, I have to see the forest by the trees. I was reading the book, “Making Mind Maps” while researching for the 2018 Goal Setting, along with other books such as Bucket Lists for people in their 20s, which is surprisingly all about debt. While debt is my main concern, I don’t want to follow that path of material life.

The next part is getting a mind map, and seeing where I came from and if I could go back and branch out a different how I would do it, by writing a ? After that. For instance, last year I got a dog, and because of that I applied for a dog walking job, and because of that I started reading dog magazines, and because of that I learned about volunteering, and because of that I now volunteer at an animal shelter. So the next question is either “Because of volunteering at an animal shelter I will…” or “Instead of reading magazines about dogs I could have…”

Finally, after mind mapping, I will try to forget everything I know about what works and doesn’t work and simply innovate. That is reaching beyond my plateau, and think about new things, new environments, and new money and time invested in areas of my life I usually do not. My question is, “How can I improve progress on Project X”, and “How to increase my capacity of projects or close them?”

Lastly, I will take my bucket list and add to it, and see if this would be achievable in a month. Then write out how I will see myself in Winter 2027.

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