2018: 10 New Year Resolutions

2018: New Year’s Resolutions


The First Resolution I would be is to become a rigid person LOL



Possibly a MONK who devotes his life to a stern wooden bed frame in a house I vow to never leave to a career of ritual.


Or maybe I will be a dog trainer, or a web developer, or a satire cartoonist. Either way I want to become something.


  1. For the second resolution I want the freedom to be able to travel and take many more spontaneous trips not only to write about but to explore with art and photography.


  1. My 3rd resolution is that wan to have a year of art. Trying different styles. 2015 was a year of reading 52 books on business, 2016 was a year of reading only fiction, and 2017 was a year of only writing, which turned out to be successful. So now is a year of art, and that’s one piece of art a day. Which is basically what I am doing now with writing. And then highlight the good parts and compile into the best of. To get started on this I will need a good sketch book, and to not lose all my art pencils like I usually do.

  1. Minimalist life in a backpack. I am almost there, since I have less than 8 pounds of clothes, and all of my things fit into two medium tupper bins, and will get it one once I replace my propane stove, kettle, and printer, cot, into something collapsible.



  1. I plan to develop a KPI of a full length project and to no work on too many projects at once, especially if they are new and have not finished my past projects. To do this I will be better at keeping physical folders of projects and limit it to 7 projects and 3 paused projects.


  1. Resolution to take more photos of me and my dog and puppies daily at my job. Because everyone likes to see photos of your dog, since most of my family is dead to me or just obsolete.

  1. My 7th resolution is lift 150 pounds daily and to run a total of 16 miles each week. Surprisingly this will be the most expensive resolution as a gym membership will be needed and 3 sneakers to about almost $500 total. But could compromise if I get a streak of 3 months.

  1. Resolution to be the best version of myself everyday. I remember when I would leave the house in jeans and a polo, and think “preppy” Now I won’t leave the house without a full suit and only black and white with large rim glasses and a complete buzz every two weeks. I just bought a double edge razer so now will shave more often without worry so much, and stay well-groomed.


  1. Resolution to be fluent in writing and reading french and spanish and chinese, or cross one thing off my bucket list each month.


  1. Resolution to use a day planner, Google Calendar and upgrade my Unhinged Titan Workbook to a smaller micro planner and reminder from the index cards to rolodex.

  1. Resolution to not read any books and focus inwardly completely and cut all bad relationships and bad ties from my past including California, Facebook/ Social Media, Family, and old friends to completely start new and be self sufficient and focus on my business, and basically let Shit Hit The Fan


  1. Keep my domains running smoothly for one year and update with big increments quarterly and internally update weekly.

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